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The main campus of Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, Virginia; the central campus is roughly bordered by Prices Fork Road to the northwest, Plantation Drive to the west, Main Street to the east, and U.S. Route 460 bypass to the south, although it also has several thousand acres beyond the central campus. The Virginia […]

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Veterinary anesthesia is anesthesia performed on non-human family pets by a animal medical practitioner or a Listed Veterinary Tech. Anesthesia is employed for a wider selection of circumstances in pets than in people, credited to pets’ incapability to cooperate with certain diagnostic or restorative techniques. Veterinary anesthesia includes anesthesia of the major varieties: dogs, felines, […]

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TechNet is a United States political lobbying organization which represents public policy interests for technology issues. TechNet operates through a network of CEOs and Senior Executives to promote the growth of technology and the innovation economy. At last count, TechNet represents two million employees and $800 billion in revenues. Members include Dell, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, […]

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Paraveterinary staff are those individuals who assist a veterinary medical doctor in the performance of these duties, or perform animal health steps autonomously within a veterinary attention system. The work role varies across the world, and common headings include veterinary nurse, veterinary tech, veterinary associate and veterinary technologist, and variations with the prefix of ‘creature […]

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Vermont Technical College is a public technical college in Vermont with two main campuses located in Randolph Center and Williston. The college also has nursing campuses in other locations throughout the state. The school is a part of the Vermont State Colleges, a consortium of Vermont’s five public colleges, governed by a common board of […]

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Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG is a contract manufacturer that has supplied the pharmaceutical industry since 1950. The company has production sites in Germany and the U.S., as well as sales offices in Singapore and Japan. The company is an independent international specialist in the aseptic filling of syringes, cartridges and vials, and for […]

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Veterinary parasitology is the study of animal parasites, especially relationships between parasites and animal hosts. Parasites of domestic animals, (livestock and pet animals), as well as wildlife animals are considered. Veterinary parasitologists study the genesis and development of parasitoses in animal hosts, as well as the taxonomy and systematics of parasites, including the morphology, life […]

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Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a for-profit university in the United States. Founded in 1965, CTU offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, primarily in business, management, and technology. About 92% of Colorado Tech’s students are fully online. see more at wikipedia

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Veterinary treatments is the branch of medication that handles the prevention, analysis and treatment of disease, disorder and accident in non-human pets. The range of veterinary drugs is vast, covering all pet kinds, both domesticated and untamed, with a variety of conditions which make a difference different species. Veterinary treatments is widely used, both with […]

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Ace of Hearts is a 2008 English-language Canadian family drama film directed by David Mackay. It features Dean Cain, Britt McKillip, Anne Marie Loder, and Mike Dopud in the lead roles. see more at wikipedia

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The Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) is an administrative and operational branch of the British Army responsible for the provision, training and care of animals. It is a small corps, forming part of the Army Medical Services. Unusually, although it is responsible for providing what could be termed materiel, it is under the purview of […]

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Emergency Vets is a reality television series that airs on the U.S. cable network Animal Planet. First aired in 1998, it depicts the working and outside lives of the veterinarians at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver, Colorado, USA, plus the animals that they treat. At its peak of popularity, Emergency Vets alternated with The […]

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Paraveterinary workers are those people who assist a veterinary physician in the performance of their duties, or carry out animal health procedures autonomously as part of a veterinary care system. The job role varies throughout the world, and common titles include veterinary nurse, veterinary technician, veterinary assistant and veterinary technologist, and variants with the prefix […]

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Vet Tech Institute at Bradford School is a private educational institution located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Vet Tech Institute offers training for Veterinary Technician careers. The school provides an Associate of Applied Science Degree which can be completed in 18 months. see more at wikipedia

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Vet Tech Institute at Bradford School is a private educational institution located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Vet Tech Institute offers training for Veterinary Technician careers. The school provides an Associate of Applied Science Degree which can be completed in 18 months. see more at wikipedia

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The Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (also known as the Virginia–Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine) is a state-supported college of two states, Virginia and Maryland, filling the need for veterinary medicine education in both states. Students from both states are considered “in-state” students for admissions purposes. It is one of 28 colleges of veterinary […]

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The Purdue College or university College of Vet Remedies is one of ten major educational divisions of Purdue College or university. Approved by the AVMA, this veterinary college supplies the Doctor of Vet Medicine level, associate’s and bachelor’s diplomas in veterinary technology, master’s and Ph.D. levels, and residency programs resulting in specialty board qualifications. Within […]